Wrapping up the week

Friday, 11 Apr:
Our training courses today covered some helpful topics for IT managers such as security risks for mobile phone users and risk assessment for field offices (a comprehensive focus covering security of data, equipment, network vulnerabilities, environmental risks, etc.)
The 2014 IT Connect Kenya Conference participants (Bill Mayes, conference leader pictured in front).

I also received a new SIM card for my phone today, which I asked the conference center office staff to purchase for me.  This will allow me to have a different mode of Internet access over the cellular network even if the normal Internet services at the center continue to act up.  There is some important work that I need to get done this weekend which requires Internet access, so I should be in good shape now.  The cost for this data access was less than the cost for cellular data in the USA.  I'm using it right now to post this update and it is SO much better - things actually work like they should!

There are supposed to be about 100 teenage youth at the conference center starting this weekend for a few days, so I am expecting things to get pretty noisy and busy here!  Also I'm looking forward to getting some rest this weekend (I have earplugs!)  I won't be going to any of the shopping or sight seeing events tomorrow, as I need to rest up.  I have been in the training courses all day and then working until at least midnight every day, only getting between 4-6 hours of sleep daily.  So I need to get some rest so that I don't get sick from being worn out.

Thanks for your prayers!  I may not post any updates this weekend, unless I see things of interest with the 100 youth here.

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