Approaching the end, one more day to go...

Wednesday, 16 Apr:
Today our training topics ranged from preparing to support Windows 8, to Comparisons of Office Productivity Suites (namely MS Office, LibreOffice, and Google Docs), to a course on Power Systems, mostly focused on maintaining battery backup systems which is very important in Africa.

This photo shows the full class.  I'm out of the picture on the right corner, along with three other guys.
I was really blessed that my coworker from Waxhaw, +Rod Davis taught a number of the courses, including this one on Power Systems, which I originally was supposed to teach!  I asked Rod about a week before we came if he could teach this one instead of me, since he taught it at the French IT Connect series which was held a couple of months ago in Francophone Africa.

Tonight we celebrated the end of our training with a party that the guys put together with games and a special dinner, and completion certificates.  We actually have one more day to wrap up the training, but a few of the participants have to leave tomorrow before the end so we celebrated tonight while everyone was still here.  Maybe I will post a couple of photos tomorrow, as many were taken tonight by the guys with professional cameras.

Krista is looking forward to my return home.  Just in case I don't get a chance to post another update tomorrow, we will be flying out of Kenya on Thursday evening (Nairobi is currently 7 hours ahead of US Eastern time, so that would be around 3 PM Eastern time) and we will arrive back in Charlotte on Friday evening, about 24 hours of flight time plus a few layovers of a few hours each.  Thank you for continuing to uphold this training conference in prayer!

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