Up again, Down again

Thursday, 11 Apr:
On day three of our IT Connect training course our Internet access has started to improve, but it still has times when it is very slow and unusable.
Course participants line up to receive new equipment.
The training today didn't require a lot of Internet access, unlike the Google training I was doing the last two days, so the courses went very well.

We are starting to make weekend plans, as many of the IT guys who came here from other countries will do some sightseeing in Nairobi on Saturday, and church on Sunday.  For some of them coming from remote places, the opportunity to shop at a real store (similar to Walmart in the USA) is a big deal.  Others want to see the Giraffe park or other wildlife things, like Krista and I have done on past trips.  The group of 27 guys is bonding well, and we have a number of staff here for the first time, so it is their first introduction to the IT Connect training courses, and to meet their IT coworkers from other countries.

This afternoon I was able to have a Skype call with Krista and it was crystal clear with no delay!  But later tonight I tried to call her again to talk longer and it was choppy, dropping words here and there.  The Internet access seemed slower again, so we decided to hang up and try it very early tomorrow morning (my time) which will be near midnight for Krista.  Hopefully nobody else here will be using the Internet then and we will have better access.

Here's a screen shot from the results of a speed test I ran when things seemed slow tonight.  Those numbers should be about 1.50 download and upload speed for here.  Obviously right now the Internet is fast enough that I could even upload a couple of photos!

Lots of news has been shared yesterday and today about the Heartbleed computer bug which has the potential to give hackers access to everyone's passwords.  My coworkers back in the USA have been busy patching our systems there to close this potential hole, and communications are being prepared to share with our global missionary staff with guidance on what steps they should take to ensure their data security.  It is times like this that we in the technology field earn our keep.

That's about all I have to say today!  Thanks as always for your continued interest and prayer support.

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