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Wednesday, 9 Apr:
Our saga of weak Internet access continued today.  I finished up the Google Apps course, but we had to skip the interactive labs again because the class didn't have good enough Internet access.  They will be able to do some of this testing on their own later, but I was looking forward to the class interaction, as we always learn more and learn better when we can do things together in a group.  Even without the lab exercises, I think the education on Google Apps was really helpful for the IT guys, so they will be better prepared to provide help for the many hundreds of people they support across Central and Eastern Africa.

(IT Discovery team Google Hangout conference call)
This afternoon the Internet bandwidth improved for a while and I was actually able to make a Skype call to Krista and talk for a few minutes, which was nice.  At dinner time our IT Discovery leadership team had a conference call with the other leaders who were in Chad, Africa and Canada.  The call was over the Internet, so we asked all the IT guys not to use the Internet for two hours so we could have our call without it being dropped.  That worked OK, but at 8:10 PM when other people started to use the web again, our call dropped.

I have been in other places with poor Internet access so this is nothing new to me, and I usually come prepared to work offline just in case, with all of my email synced offline, and this time around all of my Google Documents synced offline too.  But we held this course at this location because historically their Internet access has been pretty good, and that is very important for the training we are doing!  I would appreciate continued prayer for a solid improvement in the Internet connection here, as we have another week of training to get through!

Otherwise the weather here is beautiful, sunny skies and warm temperatures, and other things like reliable power and the food are great!  Thanks for upholding this training conference in prayer!

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