Wednesday May 15

Tonight, Wednesday, I sit in a small meeting room with Hank and a number of other IT guys. They are having a conference meeting via Skype with 3 others: one from Waxhaw, NC and one from Australia.  They also tried to connect with a lady in Canada but she was busy with another meeting at that time. Technology is great! They are all sharing about their current projects and giving updates.

I, of course, am bored :)    I am the only woman in the room, so I get up and check on the food and take the covers off the bowls to be prepared for serving. Now I understand why they asked me to attend.  :)

Today I made a friend. Her name is Pennina Mueni and she is one of the servers here in the banquet room. She is beautiful and young and she is the wife of a doctor. I asked her what her husband did and she said: “He is a doctor. For humans. A doctor for humans”. I find her to be funny as she probably does me as we compare our lives.  She also has a little boy, Andrew, who is one year old.

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