Thursday May 16

This morning came with a difficult start. Last evening ended in frustration and tears as I experienced mixed emotions of being here. Although I am enjoying the people, the climate and the reason for being here, I miss the luxuries of home. I miss my children (right) and the dog (below). And some of you are probably wondering why I miss them because they are in college anyway (not the dog though). But there is a difference in having your children away to college vs. being in another country. And as for
those of you who don’t understand my missing the dog......having a pet in your presence is not something that can be replaced. As far back as I can remember as a young child, there has always, always been a dog or cat around me. My first remembrance of a pet was “Dusty”, my dad’s dusty-colored dog. He was a good dog.  So thinking of having to give up “Missie”, our dog, when and if we move here, is truthfully heartbreaking for me and something I dread.

I know that God will take care of this issue but just thinking about it brings instant tears to my eyes. When and if we move, I will not get another pet.  It is just too hard. The other factor that is hard here, is when you are feeling ill and you can’t be in your own bed. I'm just not feeling well today. Probably something I ate.  OK, I am done complaining now.

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